Realtyna Organic IDX plugin + WPL Real Estate


Manage property listings, RESO Web API / IDX / VOW real estate options and scalable features. Support for all RESO Web API based MLS providers in North America.

WPL Real Estate

Run your real estate website using WPL. WPL has lots of features and addons for real estate agents and real estate agencies. Check Realtyna WPL official website and WPL demo website:

Download WPL manual and check WPL knowledge base. If you can’t find an answer to your question in WPL Manual or Knowledge Base, please open a Support Ticket! to ask your question. We will respond as soon as possible with an answer.

WPL (WordPress Property Listing) is an amazing flexible plugin for real estate and vertical markets. The system is designed in such a way that database management is fully flexible. This means you can add/remove/change the fields without custom changing the database. Sequentially, the property search function in WPL is flexible as well allowing the admin to set the desired search parameters from the administration panel.

WPL Expansion options

Native Themes for WPL

Compatible Themes for WPL (Using external views)

WPL is a translate ready plugin to make changing languages as easy as possible. If you need a site with multiple languages, we offer the multilingual feature for use under WPL PRO. Our solution is compatible with WPML.

How to build a real estate website using WPL

Check out our course on Udemy on how to build a real estate website using WPL

  • It is a step-by-step guide to building your real estate site without the need for coding or technical experience.
  • If you finish the course successfully and share your certificate with us, you will earn a voucher for $150 to buy our products and services.


  • Add/Edit listing
  • Property Data Structure
  • Agent Profile
  • List view
  • Map view
  • Property Details
  • Agent listing


For installing WPL please follow below steps:

  1. Install WPL either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add your listings from WPL backend and place [WPL] shortcode into your page/post content.


What is WPL?

WPL (WordPress Property Listing) is a great plugin for real estate agents and agencies. Also it can be used for vertical markets.

How can I ask about custom developments?

Feel free to contact us:

How can I report issues?

Submit a support ticket on Realtyna ticketing system:


април 24, 2023
Realtyna has been a wonderful organization to work with.
април 11, 2022
Realtyna WPL is a great tool If someone looking for MLS auto-syncing with Steller MLS /MLS Grid. Very easy and simple and user-friendly tool. The support team was very helpful. Specially Alfred N and Natan Y. No monthly fee, Just one-time purchases and enjoy.
септември 21, 2021 5 replies
I’ve been running the free version of plugin for a few months as a trial before upgrading to the “Organic IDX” feature. Turns out the MLS I want to add isn’t there and when you choose “MY MLS is not in the list! Request MLS”, the plugin does nothing. On their page they tout “Support for all RETS based MLS providers in North America”… really? Good support might start with listing them in the available MLS list. The MLS I want to use is built on the Corelogic platform and therefore RETS compliant. I called Realtyna’s Delaware number, with no response. **UPDATE** They called me back and said they will pass me to the sales team and to expect a call soon. **UPDATE** Appreciate that the sales team followed up with me. After finding out cost of the plugin, I’ll have to stick with IDX Broker. I cannot see my clients being willing to pay around $2000 to have IDX feed for their sites. It still seems like a deceptive business practice for Realtyna to list in the description of your free plugin that you support all RETS based MLS providers, when you don’t support it in the free version.
август 20, 2021
Hi potential RealtyNA customer, I got put into a position where I was responsible for creating a MLS website. I know computers, but not programming. I’ve made 1 website in my life, back when Adobe Flash was a big thing. I decided to go with RealtyNA because they use an API rather than the old RETS or FTP. In my state, the main MLS wasn’t ready for the RESO API. We spent months trying to get our MLS API feed to show accurate information. 9 months later, they have a feed ready to go for all the other real estate agencies in the state. You’re welcome. RealtyNA were the ones that helped me the most. I felt most of my time was explaining to the MLS what was wrong and what they needed to do to fix it. RealtyNA were the ones that helped me understand so that I could report back to the MLS with the problems. RealtyNA has a fantastic support team. Each member I spoke with were professional. Once we got the MLS fiasco done, we had a couple of parts of their system customized and their programming support was just as attentive as Samuel, the person assigned to me for support and to do the integration. Nothing but praise I have for this company and their support team. I’m almost done with the 2nd website of my entire life thanks to Samuel and RealtyNA. If you have a MLS website, consider going with RealtyNA rather than the others. They’ve got the future tech and the support to back it up so that you get ALL the SEO clicks credited to you, not the service you’re going through.
јуни 18, 2021
Realtyna has been a wonderful organization to work with. They have worked with my company for over a year now and have helped with dozen of customization projects. Customer service has always been wonderful and I look forward to continuing to work with Realtyna!
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Contributors & Developers

“Realtyna Organic IDX plugin + WPL Real Estate” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed: Known issues


  • Added: Edit button for property details page
  • Added: Direct query to RF via sf_on_the_fly
  • Added: Filters to customize suggestions
  • Added: Actions to customize ajax requests
  • Fixed: List of locations for MLS On The Fly™ in search widgets


  • Fixed: Known issues


  • Added: MLS On The Fly™ [PRO]
  • Added: Upload field type in flex
  • Added: More filters
  • Fixed: jQuery issue, no need to install “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper”
  • Fixed: PDF image issue for multi-language sites [PRO]
  • Fixed: Removed async: false for ajax requests
  • Fixed: Reported issues


  • Added: Filters for OG tags
  • Added: Filters for geocoding
  • Fixed: Update addon issue with PHP 8 [PRO]
  • Fixed: Adding existing user to IDX
  • Fixed: Reported issues


  • Added: More filters for page builders
  • Removed: ZipArchive requirement
  • Fixed: image lazy-load issue
  • Fixed: Language issue
  • Fixed: known issues


  • Added: More filters
  • Added: Default value for select type in flex
  • Added: advancedlocationtextsearch_v2 filter
  • Improved: Search location
  • Fixed: UTF8 encode issue
  • Fixed: Nearby functionality [PRO]
  • Fixed: known issues


  • Added Nullable boolean type
  • Added Google key validation
  • Fixed PHP 8.2 Compatibility


  • Fixed Search Widget Issue
  • Fixed Google Map Issue
  • Fixed Divi Theme compatibility issues
  • Fixed some JS & JQuery issues
  • Improved PDF viewer [PRO]


  • Added PHP 8.x Compatibility
  • Added Category Manager to the Listing Types
  • Added Colors to the Property Types & Listing Types
  • Added settings to keep SEO patterns on the Page title when purging the WPL Cache
  • Added Log settings to prevent the logs from being large
  • Added Unlimited Map Markers on the Google Map [PRO]
  • Fixed conflicts with the Yoast Plugin
  • Fixed conflicts with the AIOSEO Plugin
  • Fixed some incompatibilities with the RankMath SEO Plugin
  • Fixed some Google Map issues
  • Fixed some incompatibilities with Page Builders
  • Fixed some issues with Gutenberg Editor
  • Fixed some JS & JQuery issues
  • Fixed some issues with the language files
  • Fixed some Issues with PDF Generator [PRO]
  • Fixed RSS Issue [PRO]
  • Improved DB & Query Optimization
  • Improved Built-in SEO Values
  • Improved Mobile View
  • Improved compatiblity with the Avada Theme


  • Fixed Memory Usage Issue in Search Widget


  • Fixed Some Bugs
  • Fixed Some Incompatibility Issues with PHP 8.x
  • Fixed Google Map Issues
  • Fixed TinyMCE Issues
  • Fixed Unit Switcher Issues
  • Fixed An Incompatibility Issue with WPML Plugin
  • Fixed Session Issue with REST-API
  • Improved Some UI Styles
  • Added Expired Property Tag in Listing Manager
  • Added Ability to Revet Expired Property in Listing Manager
  • Added BenchMarker Feature


  • Improved UI
  • Added Chart.js
  • Added logs for notifications
  • Improved IDX to 1.1.0


  • Fixed some issues related to PHP8.0.
  • Fixed an issue related IDX.
  • Fixed the issue with WPL widget.
  • Fixed some other issues


  • Fixed an issue with search widget.


  • [PRO] fixed some issues related to PHP8.0.
  • Fixed an issue with loading map markers.
  • Fixed an issue with search widget.
  • Fixed an issue with notification expiration.
  • Fixed an issue with import / export settings.
  • Fixed some issues related to Divi page builder.
  • Fixed some issues related to Genesis Theme.
  • Fixed some issues related to Enfold Theme.
  • Fixed some issues related to Avada Theme.
  • Fixed some issues related to Bridge Theme.
  • Fixed some issues related to Listy Theme.
  • Fixed some issues related to Webify Theme.
  • Fixed some issues related to X Theme.
  • Added Compatibility With Twenty Nineteen Theme


  • [PRO] fixed an issue regarding 3D secure MultiSafepay.
  • Added Storage field in flex(properties speed improvement).
  • Fixed some issues related to styles.
  • Fixed some issues related to Divi page builder.
  • Fixed some issues related to external files in gallery.
  • Fixed some issues related to units.


  • Added new commands to IDX.
  • Fixed some issue on Flex.
  • Fixed some issues related Google Map.
  • Fixed an issue regarding alt of images in carousel widget.
  • Fixed issues after jQuery-migrate plugin removed from WordPress 5.5.
  • Fixed an issue in deleting media files.
  • Fixed some issues related to PHP7.4.


  • Added phone placeholder to notifications
  • Added alt attribute to the map markers and info-window image
  • Added download image functionality to IDX
  • Added step and min attributes to price field in search form
  • Improved price text input
  • Improved min and max fields in search form.
  • Improved location auto suggest in dbst wizard
  • Fixed an issue regarding upload
  • Fixed a conflict between Houzez open graph tags and WPL
  • Fixed some JavaScript issues
  • Fixed an issue on using Divi page builder in WPL
  • Fixed an issue in min/max area field in search form
  • Fixed an issue in WPL Links widget
  • Fixed a translation issue on HTML activity
  • Fixed some issues with default values of divi modules
  • Fixed some sitemap issues in WPL and Yoast SEO plugin
  • Fixed some issues in property show gallery activity
  • Fixed an issue in listing results activity
  • Fixed sort issue on different page builders
  • Fixed an issue with RSS links


  • [PRO] Added Listing Additional Activity.
  • Added new functionality to load and show multiple URLs in Flex URL field.
  • Added some new options to IDX wizard.
  • Added some new features to have better index based on listings latitude and longitude.
  • Added touch support for jQuery UI widgets.
  • Added Space and Double Space separators for 3 digit.
  • Added cancel subscription for IDX.
  • Added some new features to Google map markers.
  • Improved showing result when there is not any search result.
  • Improved Google map, property listing map view styles.
  • Improved properties table structure to make it faster.
  • Improved tags visibility carousel.
  • Removed the timezone function to fix conflicts with other plugins / themes.
  • [PRO] Fixed an issue in UI customizer.
  • [PRO] Fixed an issue in sitemap.
  • Fixed issues caused by using recaptcha multiple times in a page.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.
  • Fixed an issue regarding to thumbnail styles.
  • Fixed an issue in external image uploader.
  • Fixed an issue in hot and featured property limit checker when current user is not WPL user.
  • Fixed an issue in Visual Composer property listing module.
  • Fixed some issues related to Divi builder.
  • Fixed some issues on WPL forms.
  • Fixed the issue of showing search result count on search widget.
  • Fixed some issues on search result based on units.
  • Fixed an issue in disabling zip level from Flex menu.
  • Fixed an issue with min/max fields in search widget.
  • Fixed some issues on listing gallery activity.
  • Fixed issue of titles in compare page.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed some security issues.


  • [PRO] Added multilingual feature for translating notifications.
  • Added OSM Geocoding Server.
  • Added an option to select geocoding server of WPL.
  • Added advanced filtering system to WPL shortcode wizard.
  • Fixed a wrong canonical link in property details and profile show pages.
  • Fixed issue of unit switcher activity.
  • Fixed an issue in separator of range type of number field in search widget.
  • Fixed an issue in numbers of open dates activity.
  • Fixed an issue in field creation.
  • Fixed an issue in decimal format of unit fields in search widget.
  • Fixed an issue in slug of properties in XML sitemap generator.
  • Fixed an issue in text search of unit fields when user insert comma in the numbers.
  • Fixed carousel slide interval if it wasn’t specify in the widget options.
  • Fixed some style issues.


  • [PRO] Added compare shortcode.
  • Added IDX agent mapping on configuration step.
  • Improved some WPL features to avoid duplicate queries.
  • Improved IDX feature matching.
  • Fixed a search issue on map view link when map is hidden in list and grid views.
  • Fixed issue of slider pagination styles.
  • Fixed an issue in PDF flyer.
  • Fixed an issue in minimized price.
  • Fixed an issue in search widget when division is too low for price.


  • [PRO] Added Payfast payment gateway.
  • Removed Google+ options.
  • Fixed issue of info-window.
  • Fixed an issue in google map hits calculation.
  • Fixed an issue in Divi builder compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue in user registration in multi sites.
  • Fixed an issue on payment gateway sorts.
  • Fixed an issue in payment gateway comment.
  • Fixed an issue in paypal subscription payment.
  • Fixed a cache issue on favorites widget.
  • Fixed issue of showing disabled options in feature fields.
  • Fixed open graph type warning.
  • Fixed an issue in showing locations from unpublished listings in multiselect dropdown type.
  • Fixed an issue in search widget element of Elementor.
  • Fixed some typos.


  • Improved WPL import and finalize functions.
  • Fixed a conflict between Yoast plugin for Open Graph and Twitter tags.
  • Fixed an issue in multilingual websites.
  • Fixed lazy loading issue on scroll pagination.


  • Added Elementor page builder compatibility.
  • Added compatibility with WordPress translation project.
  • Added maximum daily usage for Google Maps activities.
  • Added “If Zero” option to the free version.
  • Added agent option in similar properties feature of carousel widget.
  • Added default order for sort options.
  • [PRO] Fixed email type (image or text) in pdf layout of the agent_info activity.
  • Fixed an issue in video activity.
  • Fixed issue of blank space after clicking image in infowindow.
  • Fixed issue of empty price in mortgage calculator activity.
  • Fixed an issue in showing locations.
  • Fixed ordering issue on upload of images.
  • Fixed a mandatory issue on upload fields.
  • Fixed issue of multi-image carousel when one image is set.
  • Fixed an issue in initializing google maps in Add / Edit listing.
  • Fixed issue of hiding map switcher whenever the map activity is disabled.


  • Fixed an IDX issue.


  • Fixed some issues.


  • Added ability to show agent email in plain text instead of image.
  • Improvements on WPL divi modules.
  • Applied some optimizations.
  • Fixed some issues on PDF flyer.
  • Fixed an issue in sort options.
  • Fixed an apostrophe character issue on location names.
  • Fixed some UI issues.


  • Removed overview control from map activities due to removing it from Google Maps API.
  • Fixed some issues.


  • [PRO] Added an option to change sort option view to list/dropdown.
  • [PRO] Added “Hierarchical Dropdown” and “Hierarchical Multiple Dropdown” methods for location field.
  • [PRO] Added “Listing Expiration” feature.
  • Added Right to left feature.
  • Added redirect feature to property listing page when no listing found.
  • Improved image lazy loading.
  • Fixed an issue in “Request a Visit” and “Send to Friend” forms.
  • Fixed some issues on search widget.
  • Fixed an issue in property finalize.
  • Fixed an issue in geolocation feature.
  • Fixed column field issue in divi modules.
  • Fixed a UTF-8 language issue on PDF flyer.


  • [PRO] Fixed a date modification issue on sitemap feature.
  • Added location settings per dbst field to disable / enable different levels and also change the sort on listing details pages.
  • Added an option to enable / disable property visits in property listings view.
  • Added a lazy loading feature for WPL Carousel widget and some of gallery activities.
  • Added Google recaptcha feature for WPL Forms.
  • Improved the WPL unit manager.
  • Improved the WPL runtime.
  • Fixed an issue with listing ID search in location text search method.
  • Fixed sitemap issue on yoast plugin.
  • Fixed an issue regarding location searches on multilingual websites.
  • Fixed an issue in property stats activity.
  • Fixed some issues.


  • Improved IDX feature.
  • Fixed some tiny issues.


  • Some improvements on IDX feature.
  • Fixed some issues.


  • Fixed some tiny issues.


  • Added an advanced IDX system.
  • Added WPL Presentation Tour.
  • Added an advanced map markers / pins system.
  • Added a new API key for Google Maps.
  • Added location abbreviation to the location patterns.
  • Added geolocation functionality to property listing.
  • Added a feature to override listing type in similar properties of carousel widget.
  • Added a new layout for carousel widget.
  • Optimized location search.
  • Improved functionality of reset button of search widget.
  • Improved internal help tabs on all pages.
  • Fixed an issue in property details page when WordPress jetpack plugin is activated.
  • Fixed an issue in page builders related to search widget.
  • Fixed an issue with property title in RSS.
  • Fixed an issue regarding showing bathrooms instead of parkings.
  • Fixed some security issues thanks to Bikramaditya Guha report.


  • Fixed some issues on VC and Divi builder compatibilities.
  • Fixed a Divi conflict.
  • Fixed an issue in showing Price Request form.
  • Fixed some issues regarding images on WPL notifications.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • [PRO] Added ability to disable/enable auto conversion for area and min/max area fields.
  • Added Divi page builder compatibility.
  • Added Visual Composer compatibility.
  • Added Avada Theme compatibility.
  • Added Be Theme compatibility.
  • Added Bridge Theme compatibility.
  • Added Divi Theme compatibility.
  • Added Enfold Theme compatibility.
  • Added Genesis Theme compatibility.
  • Added X Theme compatibility.
  • Added Google Maps Widget.
  • Added Google Maps display option in order hide the map by default.
  • Added reset button to search widget.
  • Added Array and Multi-Select field types.
  • Added a cron-job command for running all WPL cron-jobs in order to speed up the process.
  • Added a feature for disabling/enabling or changing label of ASC/DESC sort options from WPL backend.
  • Added a Multi-Select dropdown search type for Location fields.
  • Added property type category management for adding new/editing existing categories.
  • Added category field in Add/Edit Listing menu and connect it to Property type field.
  • Added tool-tips for most of WPL frontend icons.
  • Improved WPL SEO by adding micro-data to the WPL pages.
  • Improved search widget style and functionality.
  • Improved database queries by adjusting table indexes.
  • Optimized WPL front-end part.
  • Optimized Sort by Listing ID.
  • Optimized Location Search method of WPL in order to speed up the search queries.
  • Removed some duplicate queries.
  • Removed useless assets from WPL front-end in order to speed it up.
  • Fixed some User Interface issues.
  • Fixed an issue in target page of the search widget.
  • Fixed a duplicate tel and email issue on agent activity.
  • Fixed extra comma issue on WPL location text search.
  • Fixed an issue on sorting locations.


  • Fixed some minor issues.


  • [PRO] Added advanced property types and listing types sort options.
  • [PRO] Added “Horizontal Layout” for “Add/Edit Listing” menu.
  • [PRO] Added customizable energy tag levels to energy tag activity.
  • [PRO] Added Price Rebate feature.
  • [PRO] Added a new view switcher for property listings and profile/agent listings views.
  • [PRO] Added a new option to disable/enable mouse-over effect of images on listing pages.
  • [PRO] Added show/hide marker feature for listings.
  • [PRO] Improved unit switcher widget.
  • [PRO] Improved WPL update notification system.
  • Added “Category Manager” feature in WPL Flex menu in order to add new data categories or manage existing categories.
  • Added zip-code option in “Similar Properties” feature of carousel widget.
  • Added “Advanced Location Text Search” method into location options of search widget.
  • Added new widget area at the bottom of property listing page.
  • Added property type specific and listing type specific options for separator fields.
  • Added “Media Confirm” feature for enabling confirm icon on media tabs of Add/Edit listing.
  • Added an ability to import sample properties into the WPL.
  • Added boolean field to supported field types in search widget.
  • Added ability to place WPL main page as a child page under a parent page.
  • Added “Field Specific” feature to “Add/Edit Listing” and “Search Widget”.
  • Added ability to filter listings on carousel widget by location.
  • Added ability to automatically convert area values to Acre and Hectare if the value is high.
  • Added an option to change multiple marker icon.
  • Improved WPL I/O.
  • Improved UI and UX on mobile devices.
  • Improved SEO on WPL views.
  • Fixed some issues of send to friend feature.
  • Fixed converting none WPL images to place-holders issue in notification manager menu.
  • Fixed some issues on WPL PDF Flyer.
  • Fixed location text search issue on profile/agent listing page.
  • Fixed an issue for saving date fields in user profile menu.
  • Fixed some issue on datetime field type.
  • Fixed some English errors.
  • Fixed issue of printing \” or \’ in the notification emails.


  • [PRO] Added clone feature for listings.
  • [PRO] Some enhancements for currency switcher such as compatibility with search widget.
  • Added SEO patterns section to SEO category of WPL Settings.
  • Added ability to insert different SEO patterns per kind and also per property type.
  • Added ability to sort select field options in the Flex edit screen.
  • Added new maintenance options.
  • Added remove all images/attachments at once to Add/Edit listing menu.
  • Enhanced WPL cache clearing feature.
  • Fixed Google Maps API key issue.
  • Fixed some translation and multilingual issues.
  • Fixed some UI issues.
  • Fixed some date/time issues.


  • [PRO] Added new layout for property details page.
  • [PRO] Added currency switcher widget and activity.
  • [PRO] Added MultiSafePay gateway to payment gateways.
  • [PRO] Added interface compatibility with Bridge theme.
  • Added ability to insert different price ranges for sale and rental listings into the search widget.
  • Added help tab to all of WPL menus.
  • Added pattern for property page title.
  • Fixed issue of loading location levels in “My profile” page.
  • Fixed marker icon up-loader issue.
  • Fixed some translation issues.
  • Fixed some encoding issues.
  • Fixed some UI issues.


  • Fixed profile image/logo uploader issue.
  • Fixed an encoding issue.
  • Fixed some UI issues.


  • [PRO] Added “view shortcode” button for all WPL widgets.
  • [PRO] Added dropdown search type for location fields.
  • [PRO] Added pagination for WPL sitemap feature.
  • [PRO] Added sitemap integrity with “Yoast SEO” and “All in one SEO pack” plugins.
  • [PRO] Added print feature for WPL listings page.
  • [PRO] Added location auto suggest for text fields of locations in Add/Edit listing menu.
  • [PRO] Added compare feature for comparing favorited listings.
  • [PRO] Fixed WPML language switcher.
  • Added an option for specifying Google Maps zoom-level for Add/Edit listing page.
  • Added integrity for WPL events and filters with WordPress events and filters API.
  • Added new notification for adding new listings.
  • Added ability to add WPL fields to available sort options.
  • Added daily sync for updating WPL currency exchanges.
  • Added some compatibilities with PHP7.
  • Improved units manager of WPL.
  • Improved WPL language.
  • Improved WPL security.
  • Improved WPL notification system to be more integrated with WordPress mail plugins.
  • Fixed an issue on sorting WPL fields for more than 100 fields.
  • Fixed an issue on generating property geopoint.
  • Fixed an issue adding/updating zipcodes on location manager menu.
  • Fixed issue of WPL uploader on windows servers.
  • Fixed some responsive issues.
  • Fixed walkscore responsive issue.


  • [PRO] Fixed AJAX search issue for Min/Max slider.
  • [PRO] Fixed QR barcode issue in PDF flyer.
  • [PRO] Fixed some issues in walkscore activity.
  • Added “between” search type for numeric fields.
  • Added single and multiple search type for feature fields.
  • Added captcha compatibility for WPL contact forms.
  • Improved tablet responsive size in WPL.
  • Improved mobile responsive size in WPL.
  • Fixed responsive issues on WPL views.
  • Fixed some PHP notices and minor issues.


  • [PRO] Added “PDF Flyer” option to WPL fields and WPL data categories.
  • Added new marker icon-set.
  • Added request a visit from in links activity.
  • Added send to friend from in links activity.
  • Added linkedin share feature in links activity.
  • Added new gallery layout for single property page named “pshow_modern”.
  • Fixed shortcode wizard issue on some websites.
  • Fixed conditional images URL issue.


  • Fixed WPL UI customizer SCSS issue.
  • Fixed property images issue on listings pages.
  • Fixed external images issue on favorites widget.
  • Fixed multilingual issue of property description in PDF flyer.


  • [PRO] Enhanced WPL custom style by adding code editor.
  • [PRO] Added “more_details” field type.
  • Added CSS class option for all WPL widgets.
  • Fixed a conflict with WPML plugin.
  • Fixed a decimal issue on price rendering.
  • Fixed some multilingual issues.


  • [PRO] Added UI Customizer.
  • Fixed some style issues and PDF name issue in PDF flyer.
  • Fixed some issues in Location Text search.


  • Fixed Listing ID issue on carousel widget.
  • Fixed sort issue on listing pages.


  • Added discard button in add new listing menu.
  • Updated Realtyna JS libraries such as light-box library.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • [PRO] Added Import/Export feature to settings menu.
  • [PRO] Added RSS feature for listings.
  • [PRO] Revised PDF feature and adding some settings for PDF feature.
  • [PRO] Added WPL log Manager.
  • Fixed an issue on loading plugin language file.
  • Fixed zoom issue in map of listing wizard.
  • Fixed some issues on location text search.
  • Fixed backslash issue.
  • linked Listing ID to single property page in some notifications.


  • [PRO] Added Report Abuse feature.
  • Added entity support for WPL search widget.
  • Added List/Grid feature for agent/profile listing pages.
  • Added Google API key.
  • Added fill type feature for carousel widget.
  • Fixed profile show issue.
  • Fixed backslash issue on property description.
  • Fixed some design issues.


  • [PRO] Added Multilingual support for property alias and property location texts.
  • Developed multiple Google map marker.
  • New look for WPL search widget.
  • New look for WPL dashboard.
  • New look for date picker.
  • Developed new WPL lightbox.
  • Fixed an issue on editing feature field parameters.


  • [PRO] Added online payments system.
  • [PRO] Added Multilingual support for meta description and meta keywords fields.
  • Added ability to define feature field type options.
  • Fixed an issue in creating new listing types.
  • Fixed some tiny design issues.


  • Added search form on manage users menu.
  • Enhanced WPL form generation speed.
  • Fixed some translation issues.
  • Fixed PNG watermark issue.


  • [PRO] Added full multilingual support.
  • Added List/Grid switcher to property listing page.
  • Added Pattern for property alias.
  • Added map type feature for Google map.
  • Added mouseover feature for map markers.
  • Added overview option for Google map.
  • Added slide interval time option to carousel widget.
  • Enhanced WPL notification system.
  • Fixed an issue on scroll pagination.


  • [PRO] Added Scroll pagination.
  • Added layout option in shortcode wizard.
  • Added category query types for searching on listings by categories.
  • Added if zero feature to text field type.
  • Fixed some issues related to property page title and property title fields.
  • Fixed a label/placeholder issue on search widget.


  • [PRO] Added hide address feature.
  • Added Boolean field type.
  • Fixed some issues on watermark feature.
  • Make latitude and longitude editable.


  • [PRO] Added Google auto suggest to search widget location options.
  • [PRO] Added map layout for carousel widget.
  • Fixed some issues on multisite installation.
  • Fixed an issue on creating location levels.
  • Fixed some issue on elastic layout of carousel widget.
  • Fixed an issue on open house feature.


  • [PRO] WYSIWYG Editor for property description and text-area fields.
  • SEO optimizations for WPL core.
  • Added twitter meta tags on single property page.
  • Added location abbreviation in location manager for importer add-ons.
  • Fixed an issue in WPL light-box.
  • Fixed an issue for showing specified fields on single property page.
  • Fixed some issues on rooms feature.


  • Added Similar properties feature to WPL carousel widget.
  • Fixed shortcode wizard iframe issue.
  • Fixed some interface issues.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • [PRO] Added sitemap feature for WPL items (Listings/Agents).
  • [PRO] Added Dublin Core meta tags for SEO purposes.
  • [PRO] Added an ability for hiding a numeric field when its value is zero.
  • [PRO] Added Call for price feature when the price sets to zero.
  • Added user contact activity.
  • Fixed an issue on WPL SEF.
  • Added price options to WPL shortcode wizard.
  • Added WPL plugin links in WordPress plugin manager.


  • [PRO] Geo meta tag support is added for SEO purposes.
  • [PRO] Italian and Serbian language files are added.
  • Fixed some issues on WPL kinds.
  • Added separators for setting fields.
  • Fixed an issue on Widgets name and description.
  • Updated WPL language files.


  • Fixed an issue on notification content.
  • Fixed an issue on showing property neighborhoods.
  • Updated WPL font icons.
  • Added open graph meta tags to the single property page.


  • Fixed an issue on notification content.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • [PRO] Added ability to insert meta key and meta description manually for SEO purposes.
  • Fixed an issue on file uploaders.
  • Fixed an issue in WPL SEF links.
  • Fixed an issue in removing unfinalized properties.


  • Added a new feature for removing user thumbnails after uploading new profile picture or company logo.
  • Fixed some tiny issues on search widget and single property page.


  • [PRO] Added favorites widget.
  • Added notification manager menu.
  • Added contact agent activity.
  • Added mailto feature for agent info activity.
  • Some enhancements for WPL SEF.
  • Fixed some PHP notices and tiny issues.


  • Updated language file with new keywords.
  • Fixing an issue in Listing Wizard menu for fetching Geo point from Google servers.


  • Fixed auto complete style issue.
  • Updated language file with new keywords.
  • Fixed a Google map issue in listing wizard.
  • Added a feature for updating Geo point.


  • Added location field in shortcode wizard.
  • Added single property page and search widget handler for Flex fields.
  • Fixed some issues in search widget.


  • Added new keywords to language file.
  • Fixed a responsive issue on single property gallery.


  • Added street view feature to Googlemap activity.
  • Added a feature for resetting other search fields after inserting Listing ID.
  • Added a reset link to listing manager search widget.
  • Fixed finalize button issue on listing wizard menu.
  • Fixed an issue in location select boxes in search widget.


  • Fixed an issue in owl_slider layout of carousel widget.
  • Fixed a js issue on WPL frontend.


  • [PRO] Added WPL widget loader (shortcode for widgets).
  • Added new options for deleting property types and listing types.
  • Fixed some issues in gallery activity.
  • Added new keywords to language file.


  • Added resize handler to gallery activity.
  • Fixed an issue on agents widget.


  • [PRO] Added energy tag feature.
  • Added property description to the text search by default.
  • Fixed some issues on user manager menu.


  • Hide currency field when there is just one active currency on search widget.
  • Added a feature for editing agents profile by admin.
  • Added a search form on listing manager page.
  • Fixed an issue on WPL bxslider.
  • Fixed some responsive issues.
  • Updated WPL fonts.


  • [PRO] Added Walkscore activity.
  • Fixed image size issue on listing pages.
  • Added property title field and use this field instead of default property title in listings, single property and carousel widget.
  • Added URL field type.
  • Added a new sidebar in property listing page.
  • Added WPL icon for WPL menu.


  • Fixed some tiny issues.


  • Fixed an issue on search widget.
  • Fixed a style issue on WPL frontend.


  • Fixed javascript tmpl file issue with IIS and windows servers.
  • Fixed text search issue …